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With 15 years' experience in the field of structural biology, our team confidently tackles the new challenges brought by our customers. Our scientists' dedication and creativity are our trademark. This allows Bioxtal to deliver more than the expected results whatever the challenges may be. Our determination allows us to offer a "no result- no fee" delivery i.e. we only charge if work is 100% completed.

Ion Channels & GPCRs Catalogue   

Now the purification of membrane receptors has become a more realistic objective due to the progresses made the recent years in new generation of detergents and additives, a robust and competitive offer was still missing for highly expressing stable cell lines. Bio-Xtal is proud to offer the first catalogue dedicated to receptors over expressing cell lines perfectly suited for structural and biophysical characterisation applications. Our ambition is to offer you the highest standard of expression level for a broad range of functional receptors in form of stable cell lines and membrane preparations suitable for purification and related applications, including ligand binding assays, SPR, antibody selection, RMN and Xray crystallography.


Protein Expression  


Our long lasting experience allows us to offer tailored solutions adapted to your needs in protein whatever your goals...Read more...


Receptor Purification


Our membrane receptor purification expertise has been built on more than a decade of technology development. We are today in the position to overcome all the major bottlenecks,... Read more...


Xray structure      


X-ray structure resolution may last from a few weeks for the most favourable cases to years of work. A key factor of success... Read more...




Fast track selection & Elisa positive monoclonal cytobody expression/purification... Read more...