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Cell lines Catalogue 

Bio-Xtalís inducible stable cell lines proposed in our catalogue offer many advantages:
  • High level of expression (over 10e6 receptor/cell for more than 90% of our references)
  • Long lasting stability of the expression (More than 6 months)
  • Straight-forward up-scaling in roller bottle systems.
  • Attractive prices starting from 5 000Ä
  • Tailored constructs adapted to customer needs
  • Delivered in frozen vials or in culture flasks.



Gaba Glycine Serotonin
ZacN Potassium channel Purinoceptor


Adenosine Adrenergic Angiotensin
Bonbesin Bradykinin Calcitonin
Cannabinoid Chemokine Cholecystokinin
Complement peptide Dopamine Endothelin
Follicle stimulating hormone Formylpeptide Free fatty acid R
Frizzled Galanin Gastrin/cholecystokinin
Glucagon like peptide Glucose-dependent insulinotropic Glugagon
Histamine Leukotriene Lutropin-choriogonadotropic hormone
Lysophosphatidic acid Melanin-concentrating hormone Melanocortin
Melatonin Metabotropic glutamate Muscarinic acetylcholine
Neuromedin U Neuropeptide Y N-Formyl peptide
Olfactory Opioid Opsin
Orexin Orphan Prokineticin
Prolactin-releasing peptide Prostanoid Proteinase activated
Purinergic Relaxin Retinoid acide induced gene
Rhodopsin Secretin Serotonin
Somatostatin Sphingosine 1-phosphate Tachykinin
Thyrotropin Trace Amine Vasopressin