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Purified membrane receptors

Our receptor constructs are carrying a double twin-strep-tag at the N-Terminus and a 10 histidine tag at the C-Terminus thus permitting affinity purification on streptactin and/or nickel/cobalt column. Two TEV cleavage sites inserted between the tags and the receptor allow the tags removal.
All our ion channel references can be provided in purified state from 50 µg to mg quantities starting from 5 000€ for 50 µg for non-cleaved receptors.
Purification attempts can be conducted on any GPCR of our catalogue on case by case fee for service contract including scale-up, screening of detergent, analytical purification and lipid vesicle reconstitution.

Applications :
Radio binding
Phage display selection (antibody or peptide)
Xray crystallography