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CHO/HEK tetracycline inducible cell lines

All our cell line references are tetracycline inducible. This offers many advantages over classical CMV promoter based cell line including lower toxicity induced by the receptor expression during the cell growth phase, a more stable expression over the time and a higher level of expression for most of our products (over million receptors per cell). Inducible cell lines are also well suited for 13C 15N labelling on a short period of time with a limited background labelling.

Our receptor constructs are carrying a double twin -strep-tag at the N-Terminus and a 10 histidine tag at the C-Terminus thus permitting affinity purification on streptactin and/or nickel/cobalt column but also immobilisation of the receptors on beads or coated surface. Two TEV cleavage sites inserted between the tags and the receptor for tags removal.
Moreover, customized constructs cell lines can be developed at very attractive prices (5 000 €) within 6 weeks for any reference of our catalogue.
Cell line for receptors not available in our catalogue offer can be developed for the same price (5 000 €) within 2 months.

Scale-up : Our CHO and HEK cell lines are well suited for scale-up expression in roller bottles allowing to collect 1 to 2 g of cell pellet/bottle (detailed protocols are delivered with the cell lines).
Bulk orders can be places for cell pellet or membrane preparations at competitive prices.

Consignment and prices:
Our stable cell lines are delivered either in frozen vials (worldwide) or in culture flasks at room temperature (Europe only). In both cases we also supply 100 ml of serum which has been validated for our cell lines, we leave to our customers to validate various serum lots from their usual suppliers.

The prices of our cell line are fixed according to the following criteria:
- 5 000 € for the cell lines produced upon order (delivery time 6 to 8 weeks)
- 6 000 € for the cell lines immediately available but not yet characterised by radio binding.
- 8 000 € for the cell lines characterised by radio binding and expressing less than 1 M rec/cell
- 10 000 € for the cell lines characterised by radio binding and expressing between 1 et 5 M rec/cell.
- 12 000 € for cell line characterised by radio binding and expressing more than 5 M rec/cell

All our stable cell lines are characterised by radio ligand binding as soon as a radio ligand is commercially available. This policy has the following consequences:
- You will pay a non characterised cell line for a lower price than the characterised ones.
- If the characterisation by radio ligand does not lead to significant specific binding (more than 1000 specific DPM for 10 µg of membrane preparation issued from the cell line), the cell line will be reimbursed.

Applications :
Radio binding
Membrane preparation/solubilization/purification
Phage display selection (antibody or peptide)
Functional assay
Flow cytometry
Immuno staining?